Timesheets are Priceless because Time is Precious!

FairShare's Timesheet application provides very important tools for business management.

Bill accurately

When you charge clients by the hour, tracking time precisely is top priority.
On one hand, as you share the records with clients in a timely manner, it helps clients see where their money goes and the transparency helps in building a good client relationship. FairTime provides various reports including 'Billable time report' for clients.
On the other hand, you want to find out if employees spend more time than what you can bill for.
Remember! High billability = High profits.

Reduce Time wastage

FairTime Dashboard identifies tasks that go beyond budgeted time and areas that delay completion of work. It helps you understand where you are wasting labor and weed out tasks that take longer than necessary. It assists you in making decisions as to how you can optimize your tasks.

Employee Friendly

Our application features structured and easy timesheet entry. Employees get automated reminders to ensure time entry is made regularly.